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Rolf Heidrich




HECH FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION was established in the 1970’s when Eberhard and Gertrud Heidrich combined their own respective family heritage in farming and manufacturing, with a passion for nutrients and herb cultivation, dating back to the late 1800s, into a business around health and wellbeing. Initially located in the Rhineland Palatinate mid mountain range region of Westerwald, also known for its extensive vegetation and home of Germany’s first herb farm, Eberhard Heidrich sought to develop innovative nutrient products that went beyond vitamin and mineral supplements. Inspired and driven by special dietary requirements existing in their own family led to the development of dairy and plant protein based formulations.

With the company's move to the thriving German capital of Berlin and the introduction of a shortened four-letter version of the family name, HECH has continued to expand its pioneering role in the development of high-quality dietary supplements specifically for the beauty sector. Since then, research and science have shown that proteins with their unique structures of peptides and amino acids are not only building blocks but also highly functional bioactive compounds that are central to maintaining beauty. 2020 - The HECH team, consisting of in-house nutritionists and a cross-generational, culturally diverse workforce, consistently combines a passion for developing products that are relevant to ever-changing needs and living conditions. Almost all important corporate functions related to beauty nutrition are performed by women and products are only introduced with the consent of the diversified HECH employee base. Authenticity and sincerity guide all our decisions from product to people. In sales and communication, we have selected our partners based on shared values ​​and we always strive to win long-term partnerships. Thanks to their trust, HECH Beauty Nutrition products have already reached millions of our customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA.

At HECH we love what we do. Because your body is your only true luxury.


As a family business, it's not just our own families that are important to us.
We have been supporting Hotel Hope Ministries, an NPO organization based in Johannesburg, for years. Here, orphaned or abandoned children are offered a home and they are supported in their search for an adoptive family. However, since there are more children seeking adoptive families than families willing to adopt, Hotel Hope Ministries also raises some of the children as their own.

One of our staff recently visited Hotel Hope Ministries and shares her experience with us:

"The Hotel Hope Ministries not only offers the children a safe space and a new home to live in - they genuinely welcome the children and invite them to be part of a loving family. What touched me deeply and also inspired me is that the Children mostly come from families with difficult backgrounds and some have experienced traumatic situations themselves at a young age. Despite these circumstances, the children were heartwarmingly friendly, outgoing, trusting and loving, even though they did not know me at all. I am more than grateful for them Opportunity to be able to visit Oliver the CEO of Hotel Hope Ministries, his incredible team and the lovely children in Johannesburg and have great respect for the day to day work they do They not only give the children a place to be feeling at home and safe, but also a loving family, an education and the opportunity for a good and self-determined future. I truly believe that Hotel Hope Ministries are doing an excellent job!"

​To learn more about Hotel Hope Ministries, please visit their website at:


Unser Familienunternehmen legt großen Wert auf das Wohlergehen anderer, vor allem das der Kinder. Die Unterstützung der NRO(Nicht-Regierungs-Organisation) Kinderhof Mbigili Tansania e.V. ist für uns eine Herzensangelegenheit, da wir aktiv dazu beitragen möchten, einen positiven Einfluss zu hinterlassen. 


Die NRO in Tansania arbeitet unabhängig und nicht gewinnorientiert. Ihr Hauptziel ist die unabhängige Betreuung von Waisenkindern und die Durchführung von Programmen in Iringa. Sie arbeiten eng mit staatlichen Stellen und anderen Einrichtungen für Waisenkinder zusammen. Das Mbigili Childrens Village wird von einem Team aus verschiedenen Fachleuten geleitet. Es gibt sechs Kinderheime mit Hausmüttern und Helfern sowie Bildungseinrichtungen und Unterstützung für Familien. Für die Verpflegung sorgen ein Koch und Assistenten, während sich Fachkräfte um Technik und Sicherheit kümmern. Die Farm vor Ort trägt zu einer gesunden Ernährung bei uns verkauft überschüssige Produkte in Iringa. 


Für weitere Informationen folgt dem folgenden Link: